Lesbian Cheerleader

Why the Religious Right will loose the Gay Marraige battle

Posted on: April 17, 2009

Ok, well not the only reason but it’s a pretty important one… the religious right-wing conservatives who are digging in their heels against progress are dooming themselves to loose the fight with their own faith.

I just recieved an e-mail from NOM – Maggie Gallagher is bent on the idea that same sex marriage is based on a “lie” and is confident that lies always prevail over truth. Well while that idea may hold some weight, the problem is that the ideals behind same-sex marriage are not based on any lies but on basic human decency. We can seperate lies from truth using facts and logic, the rest is just oppinions. Society is progressive – those with bigoted, narrow minded oppinions are slowly being shunned by the world as society moves forward. Of course, those idividuals have every right to hold those oppinions. Crazy as it sounds, I would fight to protect their right to hold those oppinions just as I fight for the right to protect my own. After all, equality is equality. Where I draw the line is when those oppinions impact on the rights and freedoms of others.

Maggie and the NOMs misguided faith will ultimatly be their downfall. While they waste time and effort praying to a nonexistant God, Society will move forward and leave them well behind. Progress will be made in human rights and civil liberties based on facts, logic and decency while those fighting against it will be at home saying prayres while nobody listens.

From the NOM e-mail:
“Help us spread the word! Believe me, we understand that not everyone can give money. We appreciate all you do: your prayers especially”

I couldn’t agree more. To those against same-sex marriage – go home, pray, pray your hearts out. For while you are praying, you can do no harm.

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